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Kirsty Baird, the owner and Musical Director of Sing in the City has been a singer and a performing musician all her life. Along with Annette Hanley (Assistant MD) they organise at least 5 big shows every year in venues ranging from the Portobello Town Hall, to the Usher Hall, to venues with 1000’s of audience members.

The Aw Blacks and the band are rehearsed incredibly hard and are dedicated to performing and ‘earning the right’ to be on any stage alongside any professional. The attention to detail that goes into all shows, flashmobs, weddings, corporate and charity events is second to none. Kirsty aims for perfection, provides first class entertainment and excels at audience participation.

The choir can perform with all members, or they can downsize to smaller groups to suit every budget. They can perform with the full band or with one or two musicians and the set can be original music or a lively covers set. They can provide something suitable for any event.

You can also hire Kirsty and Annette who perform with their 6-piece band as 'Hanley and The Baird'. The girls are song writers and gigging musicians and they have spent their entire lives dedicated to this. They have performed all over Scotland at every type of event and party you could imagine. There is no shortage of experience with the girls and their band and they are the ultimate professionals.

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Corporate Events

Corporate events are about your business looking good. You look for the best caterers, the most suitable venues, so why not give your entertainment the same amount of attention. Kirsty, the Sing in the City band and the Aw Blacks will provide you with a great performance. We can provide you with a choir to suit your event at a price you can afford.

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Flashmobs are one of our favourite things to do. We can do large or small events with a small choir or a huge choir.

We have had a flashmob for a wedding proposal at Edinburgh Airport and there was one for the launch of the Edinburgh Trams. There was a great one in the Signet Library where we started off dressed as waiters and we did a really big one for Edinburgh Christmas in 2013 on George Street with at least 150/200 members taking part.

Flashmobs take a great deal of planning and rehearsal so that everything goes according to plan. However, it is one of our specialities and it can really make your event stay in people’s minds for a long time.

To hire Kirsty, Annette, The Band or The Aw Blacks please contact us:


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