Flashmobs are one of our favourite things to do as they are spontaneous, random and exciting, however they do take a long time to prepare for. In the past we have been waiters that burst into song, we have been holiday makers at the airport before throwing our cases down and we have mourned the dying of a big plastic cow at its own funeral, we also flash mobbed the opening of the Edinburgh Trams. Flashmobs are very effective and we do get asked to do them quite often so please consider the following before contacting us:

We always film our Flashmobs and use the footage online and send to the media in a press release. Photos are always taken and used on our Social Media. So make sure you are comfortable with this.

We do not always have the time to arrange a song of your choosing. The Flashmobs that we get involved in tend to be one off events that are quirky and original.

For more information and a price, please get in touch telling us what your event is and when it is.

To hire a flashmob please contact us:


07748 048 060