Sing in the City Choirs

Sing in the City was started in 2010 by Kirsty Baird who herself has always been a singer, musician and song writer. ‘It is our role to get people singing and we aim to provide a level of singing for that will suit everyone’. We have unconventional singing groups and your experience will be friendly, welcoming and positive and will take place in a safe rehearsal space. We want members to be a part of our ever growing Sing in the City family.

We provide different levels of singing, please see below for more information.

What Members Say:

"I have enjoyed singing to myself since I was little but I never thought I would get the chance to sing for real and in public."

"Your choirs are a lovely mixture. They are friendly and easy going but at the same time they require commitment and hard work."

What The Audience Says:

"What you do is inspiring, motivating and all round pure joy to watch."

Sing In The City Choirs

Our Sing in the City Choirs work with harmony and they all work towards our amazing shows with our Sing in the City band. There will also be charity and community events that members can volunteer to sing at throughout the year. These choir rehearsals are in the evenings.

edinburgh choir

Photo: Norm Dunk

Aw Blacks Choir

Aw Blacks

The Aw Blacks were the first choir to be started and they are a very professional group. They have performed all over Edinburgh at their shows and for corporate and charity events. We ask for the highest commitment level from the Aw Black members and there is an audition process to join.

There is something here for every singer.

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If you are looking to hire the band, Kirsty, Annette or the Aw Blacks please click here.