Hanley and The Baird is the performing name of the Kirsty and Annette. When they are not working with Sing in the City, they work with their six-piece band on their own written material and can also provide cover sets. Kirsty is the ultimate show person and can get any audience in the palm of her hand and provide an amazing night out.

The girls are song writers and gigging musicians and have spent their entire lives dedicated to this. They have performed all over Scotland at every type of event and party you could imagine. There is no shortage of experience with the girls and their band - they are the ultimate professionals.

They can be hired to perform at any type event, large or small.

kirsty baird on guitar

Kirsty Baird

Kirsty has been a singer/musician and song writer since she was 17. She has never had any other hobbies or passions, instead she has focussed her whole life and career on music. The instruments she can play include guitar and keyboard. She learned her trade the hard way by constant gigging in all types of venues.

Annette Hanley

Like Kirsty Annette has been a singer, musician and song writer for decades. She has worked all over Scotland as a solo artist and in various bands. Annette and Kirsty’s careers ran parallel for 2 decades although the girls didn’t meet until 2010 when she became a rehearsal musician. Now she is the Asst. MD, lead guitarist, band leader and a valuable member of the team.

annette hanley on guitar
aw blacks

Photo: Colin Hattersley

Aw Blacks

This is Kirsty’s first choir and they are worked and rehearsed extremely hard. They sound great, are energetic and the performance is always enhanced with audience participation and humour. They have a large set list to choose from.

This group, along with Kirsty and the band are on a very special journey with their own dreams and ambitions.

The Band

The full band has 6 members - guitars, bass, drums, keys and electric violin. They play for all the Sing in the City shows and events and also for Hanley and the Baird. Some of the members friendships go back years.

sing in the city band

To hire Kirsty, Annette, The Band or The Aw Blacks please contact us:

07748 048 060