Sing in the City Choirs

Whether you are looking to join a choir or a singing for fun group, to start a work place choir or to hire our MD, the band or the Aw Blacks you have come to the right place.

Sing in the City was started in 2010. We pride ourselves on our fantastic choirs, our amazing shows, the amount of money we raise for charity and the corporate work and events we cater for.

wedding choir

Photos: Colin Hattersley

Choirs For Everyone

Our choir members range from 18 to 80 and they join for many reasons: stressful job, illness, making friends and a love of music.

There are choirs in Edinburgh, Musselburgh, Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy.

The social aspect at Sing in the City is huge, if you wish to take part in it. Members have made friends, improved their voices and their confidence has grown while they have been a member of our singing family.

Kirsty, Annette & The Band

Kirsty Baird and Annette Hanley are the Musical Directors of Sing in the City and are singer songwriters and musicians. They are very passionate about music and Sing in the City.

Their band provides the backing for all the Sing in the City events and are also the same musicians that perform in Hanley and the Baird. They showcase the girls' writing and performance skills.

sing in the city band
wedding choir

Festival Theatre

The Sing in The City Aw Blacks will play the festival theatre on Friday 1st July.

Kirsty and her Aw Blacks will perform their arrangements of covers and original songs with Annette Hanley and their band - get your tickets here!